Month: May 2020

containercup VIER

De Container Cup (2020)

Produced by Woestijnvis Aired on VIER One unique arena, 7 gruelling challenges and 40 eager competitors. That’s the Container Cup in a nutshell. Because sporters need a challenge and people need a good laugh, especially during Corona times. #vfx #colorgrading



Previous Next Written & directed by Jasmine ElsenProduced by Animal Tank A woman is trapped in her routine life. But newcomers break her routine and she feels attacked. She withdraws and becomes aggressive. #colorgrading



Previous Next Produced by WoestijnvisAired on Canvas Can you boost your brain power? And if so, how? And how far are people willing to go to do so? Together with Bart Van Peer, Otto-Jan tries to find out, as he plays the guinea pig in a series of bold experiments. This results in a witty …

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Roden neuzen dag 2020 wave 2

Rode Neuzen Dag 2020 Produced by Breakfast Club A campaign with a mission: raising awareness about mental health issues among youth and doing something about it. Such a good cause only deserves an eye-catching commercial. So that’s exactly what we created. #vfx


Monaco Vrouwen

Previous Next Produced by Vincent TV Productions Aired on VIJF TV This series showcases the life of four eccentric women who exchanged their ordinary life in Belgium for one of luxury and money in Monaco. #colorgrading

De columbus, een tv serie

De Columbus

Previous Next Produced by LiefhebbersAired on EEN Just like Columbus, Wim Lybaert and his guests set out to explore the world. Whilst enjoying life on the road, unexpected meetings and memorable events teach them that it truly is the journey that matters and that your end goal is not always what you thought it would be. …

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River / I am you,La Maison Imaginaire


Previous Next Written & directed by Laurenzo VergeynstProduced by La Maison Imaginaire River is the long-awaited debut of Laurenzo Vergeynst. It tells the story of River, a 19-year-old boy who suffers from a psychosis.  #editorial #vfx #lab #colorgrading

callboys seizoen 02 vc studios

Callboys (S2) Written & Directed by Jan EelenProduced by WoestijnvisAired on VIER After their misadventures during the first season, the Callboys are back in business. More courageous than wise, they are ready to take a new start and turn the M of Me into the W of We. #vfx