Rabobank's vegetable cast

Rabobank’s vegetable cast

Because sustainable food is the core of’s mission, Bowling Brands has made the vegetables from here the heroes of the campaign. “Vegetables are tasty and healthy, but they do not generate much emotion. By making funny characters out of it, they communicate with the audience in a natural way and can reinforce the good message.”


Previous Next Written & Directed by Kris Verdonck produced by Kris Verdonck In an anonymous work environment, everyone completes their endless series of monotonous tasks. Except the one in control of the perpetual cycle. But what happens if the cycle falters? #vfx #lab #colorgrading

L'Etranger Bonka Circus


Previous Next written & directed by Kenneth Michielsproduced by Bonka Circus Can football really make a difference? With his socio-sports project, BX Brussels, Vincent Kompany aims to demonstrate that it does. L’Etranger follows the journey of the recently emigrated Senegalese Moussa, one of the coaches of BX Brussels. As he mentors the boys both on …

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