Lil Kleine – Dichterbij Je

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=-KjsFm0SqnE&feature=emb_title Written & Directed by WilsonProduced by Eye Society Dichterbij je is Lil Kleine’s tribute to the love of his life and the mother of his upcoming baby. Director Wilson made sure you will melt. And he entrusted us to bring the necessary fire.

Geub tv serie telenet, geubels


https://vimeo.com/325893643 Directed by Mathias De NeveProduced by WoestijnvisAired on VIER In this eight-part comedy fiction series, Philippe Geubels plays a version of his dead-normal self in a dead-normal universe. The humor is derived from the situations, the secondary characters and, most of all, the comedic precision of Philippe. His rhythm, pace and timing are on point …

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De mol_seizoen7, de mol 2019

De Mol (Season 7)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwGGAQgz_OE Produced by WoestijnvisAired on VIER Solving tricky puzzles or brain-cracking riddles and completing physically demanding challenges or absurd tasks for money. That’s what the candidates of De Mol do. And in the end, the winner takes it all. But does he (or she)? Because one candidate has a completely different goal: making sure the …

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FluffyFour beast animation,annecy trailer festival, annecy 2019 annecy

Fluffy Four

https://vimeo.com/306199583 Written and Directed by Ben Tesseur & Steven De BeulProduced by Lunamine and Beast Animation, co-produced by Ketnet (BE) With the support of Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) In this TV Show for kids, four farm animals embark on a hilarious journey through space. #vfx  #colorgrading

Superette Anna, piet sonck,Line Pillet, Tom Audenaert, Barbara Sarafian Geert Bouckaer

Superette Anna

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfNNnlnsxG4 Written & Directed by Piet SonckProduced by Gypsy Productions March 6, 1987. A masked man robs a local superette, but finds out there’s hardly any money there. As the cops are on their way, he takes the owner and his family hostage. Meanwhile, the Herald of Free Enterprise is quickly sinking. But what’s the …

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Operatie Kazuifel

https://vimeo.com/331212310 Written & Directed by Iwein Seghers and Niels SnoekProduced by van de Makers van The year of our Lord 1973. Four incapable members of a paramilitary Flemish group travel to Austria to carry out a secret mission. More info at: https://www.kortfilm.be/kortfilm/recensie/operatie-kazuifel-de-film #editorial #vfx #lab #colorgrading

rodeneuzendag 2018

Rode Neuzen Dag

https://vimeo.com/427682708/dbce0c4a9e Post-production at VC StudiosProduced by Breakfast club At VC Studios, we have a soft spot for a good cause. So, we are glad we could do our share and support Red Nose day by delivering all 3D-animation, lighting, rendering and compositing of the CGI heads on the characters of their commercial. #vfx  #colorgrading



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0qTaavOlVw&feature=youtu.be Written & Directed by Meltse Van CoillieProduced by Meltse van Coillie Drifting in an endless sea, we find ourselves aboard of a cargo ship. The five sailors on the ship try to cope with this vast emptiness in time and space in their own way. Imagination rises from beneath the surface and gradually takes …

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Selva Cromática

Previous Next Directed and Produced by Luis Pizarro Selva Cromatica, also known as Yutupis, follows a filmmaker’s return to Peru. This journey sets off an undertaking to (re)connect with the past, linking the filmmaker’s native culture with the life he adopted. Scenes and routines evoke a sense of recognition. Yet feelings of estrangement and loss …

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MEMENTO MORI is a Belgian psychological horror feature film by writer/director Michael Vermaercke.

Memento Mori

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBte7_xzhtA Written & Directed by Michaël VermaerckeProduced by Gypsy productions A girl lies in a coma on a hospital bed. Inside her head, the traumatic events of the day before keep repeating themelves over and over. What began as a modern-day Cinderella story turns into a Lynchian nightmare. Will she survive this nightmare before time …

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