Job Position – 3D Tracking & Keying

For our VXF Department we are currently looking for Prep & Track artists with focus on 3D tracking of live-action footage, creating mattes with keyers/roto and creating layout scenes for CG & compositing.


  • Proven and demonstrable experience in 3D-tracking with PfTrack or Blender
  • Good understanding of keying with Fusion
  • Additional skills in layout with Maya

We are open to international applications for this role. If you are interested in this opportunity, sends us a message on our Facebookpage or send a mail to

You will be working on one of our upcoming projects. To give you an idea about the type of work, we gladly refer to some of our breakdowns:

GEUB – Tracking / Modeling / Lighting with Blender, Comp in Fusion
Rabobank – Compositing with Fusion
Fluffy Four Annecy Trailer – Compositing with Fusion