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Though we love working on new projects, we also love to take the occasional trip down memory lane. To put a spotlight on the creative people we work with, to share the knowledge we gathered or to simply tell about our experiences. And who knows. If you decide to work with us, your project might end up getting its own blogpost as well.

Rabobank's vegetable cast

Rabobank’s vegetable cast

Because sustainable food is the core of’s mission, Bowling Brands has made the vegetables from here the heroes of the campaign. “Vegetables are tasty and healthy, but they do not generate much emotion. By making funny characters out of it, they communicate with the audience in a natural way and can reinforce the good message.”

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Annecy 2019 Partners' trailer [VFX-breakdown]

Annecy 2019 Partners’ trailer [VFX-breakdown]

Beast Animation had the great honor of producing the official partner’s trailer of the Annecy Festival 2019, and they will also be screening a premiere of the wacky world of the Fluffy Four. VC Studios took care of the image post-production. A big thanks to Lunanime and Beast Animation for relying on us!

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