Visual Effects

Shooting a movie isn’t a walk through the park. Luckily we can give a helping hand in post-production by adding or removing elements in the video. We offer compositing, 2D- and 3D-tracking, mattepaints, full CG shots, particles, motion graphics, …


“The invisable art” of splicing and glueing images, ideas and scripts into a seamless finished film. Our in-house editors will get you there.

Concept Art

A picture is worth a thousand words. Our concept design will help the director tell his story in a visual way, resulting in clear sketches for the art direction and 3D modeling department.

Color Grading

Once the edit of a movie is done, our colorists will lift the visuals to a cinematic look. With the eye of an old school photographer, they create the right atmosphere by craftfully tweaking the tints, lights and shadows.

The grading of the movie can be done in our Grading Suite, equiped with a Barco DP2K cinema projector, designed to meet the needs of our industry.