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You can count on us every step of the way, from a single seed of an idea to finished content come to fruition.


Every story moves to its own rhythm, and editing in post-production can help your story find that flow.

At VC Studios we host multiple airconditioned offline editing rooms with centralised Avid NEXIS storage, allowing for seamless project sharing between multiple suites.

Our support team feels at home in the diverse post-production workflows, whether they are dealing with archive media for a documentary, dailies for editorial and production or or ensuring your projects make it from offline through to final post smoothly.

Our online department enables us to fulfil any creative and technical guidelines and changes that our clients require and is very capable of finishing your show on time and up to the highest quality standards.


Imagination is always in play during a creative process. Especially when you need to envision something which either isn’t there at all or shouldn’t be there in the first place. Enter visual effects or the art of “see you later”.

Our VFX department’s services range from on-set VFX supervision and fixits to the creative and technical execution of visual effects sequences. We offer services ranging from camera-tracking to compositing, matte paintings to full CG-shots, title design to motion graphics and 2D/3D effects. 

color grading

Starting in pre-production and during test shoots, our team helps you design and refine your look and ensure that it is communicated correctly throughout production and dailies and then into post production. Once you sit down in our in-house Davinci Resolve theater with a calibrated Barco DCI Projector to start your final DI grading, you’ll be comfortable knowing that everyone’s on the same page.

We can even grade camera tests or build a toolbox of shooting LUTs to help you get the best looking footage possible.

We have 2 Resolve colour grading suites with the latest calibrated monitoring allowing our grading team to work at resolutions from HD up to 4K. All suites are connected to a high-speed SAN and supported by several resolve assist stations, allowing imports/exports to happen in the background without interrupting the session.

rental offices / studios

We have a fully equipped office space available for rental throughout your project, from pre-production to final post.

If you need a location to shoot, you can easily wet or dry rent our 8x8m green screen studio. Our grading theater, complete with a Barco DP2K cinema projector is also available for hire, from grading to screenings.

Digital lab

Our mastering team delivers file masters to broadcasters, VOD platforms, and distributors worldwide. Our highly-skilled technicians work with cutting-edge applications offering automated file quality checks using machine learning and the latest AI algoritms as well as undertaking human eyeball checks on deliverables, noting every detail to make sure they adhere to all technical guidelines and delivery specifications.

As a facility, we are on-boarded with a large number of studios – such as Netflix and BBC – for delivery. Digital Cinema Package creation including subtitle and audio layback, versioning, Dolby Cinema, JPEG2000 encoding from DCDMs. All delivered to the latest Interop and SMPTE standards. We have delivered to festivals internationally as well as to studios such as Netflix and are experienced in IMF package creation, QC and delivery for SVOD partners including follow-ups and fixes.

With providing digital dailies for features, TV and commercials, supporting productions on location or inhouse, we can offer a complete solution for all productions.

Services include dailies syncing and grading, theatrical screening services, transcode for editorial and dailies review and VFX pulls including automated services with SAN & LTO archiving. We can get your dailies securely to wherever they need to be at fiber speeds.


Businesses investing in productions in Belgium and Flanders receive a considerable tax deduction. The tax shelter’s incentive comes in the form of a reduction of taxable profits. It is open to Belgian productions as well as international co-productions with Belgium-based companies. Highlighting the measure’s success: between 2004 and 2016, there has been more than EUR 1.5 billion worth of tax shelter investments.

Another reason Belgium is an ideal spot when it comes to shooting: it’s small enough you drive across the whole country in a day while also being extremely diverse in terms of landscape and inhabitants. You will be delighted and charmed by our multilingual and competent production sector.

Contact us for more information about the local incentives including taxshelter, screen flanders and VAF support.