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We create content for cinema, TV, online and much more

Turning your story idea into something tangible. That’s what we do here at VC Studios. Together, we’ll figure out what you want to achieve. And we make sure nothing gets lost in translation.


Editing is often called “the invisible art” for a reason. Visible editing, however, can bring a lot to the table as well. It all depends on what kind of movie you’re after. 

Our in-house editors will find the appropriate style for your story. Either by collaborating with external editors, by making an offline/online edit or by creating a completely finished version. Without leaving any trace of their tampering. Unless that’s what you want of course.


Visual Effects

Imagination is always in play during a creative process. Especially when you need to envision something which either isn’t there at all or shouldn’t be there in the first place. Enter visual effects or the art of “see you later”.

Our VFX department’s services range from on-set VFX supervision and fixits to the creative and technical execution of visual effects sequences. We offer services ranging from camera-tracking to compositing, matte paintings to full CG-shots, title design to motion graphics and 2D/3D effects. We create that final image you want, but which didn’t exist on set yet.

Color Grading

Don’t think too little of color grading. Because it sets the tone and ambiance of your story.  Our Grading Suite, equipped with a Barco DP2K cinema projector, is industry-proven and available for dry/wet rent. By playing with colour, contrast and texture, we will create the right look and finish your project in style.

Our clients do not walk away with a result that merely meets their standards. They walk away with something that exceeds their expectations. 



Yelling, “That’s a wrap!” at the end of a shooting day doesn’t mean all the work is done yet.
Because the last thing you want is to jeopardise an entire shooting day
because of some careless handling of the data.

We can do any one of a number of things to catalog and prepare the footage for edit. Going from wrangling data, processing negatives and creating dailies to the developing and supervision of a tailor-made workflow process and deliverables. Our digital lab can be that crucial link you need between the production crew, the director and the post-production team.

Concept Art

Visualising a story based on some vague descriptions and words alone can be tricky. That is why our concept designers help directors to visually express their story idea.
This allows everyone to understand the flow of the story and results in clear sketches for the art direction and 3D modeling department.