Rabobank’s vegetable cast

Rabobank as a group invests in sustainable food. More specifically in entrepreneurs who ensure that as many people as possible get access to healthy food; take initiatives against food waste; and take action to reduce the impact of food production on the climate.

Because sustainable food is the core of Rabobank.be’s mission, Bowling Brands has made the vegetables from here the heroes of the campaign. “Vegetables are tasty and healthy, but they do not generate much emotion. By making funny characters out of it, they communicate with the audience in a natural way and can reinforce the good message, ”says Christophe Ghewy, creative director of Bowling Brands.

“It is not obvious to translate such a mission into a short message for the saver. Bowling Brands succeeded perfectly in this. This concept not only radiates positivism. It translates our mission in an understandable way, “adds Kristel Dodion, marketing manager of Rabobank.be. This message has also been translated into radio spots, an outdoor, print and online campaign.

Behind the scenes

Beast Animation took care of the character design and video recordings. Director Iris Alexandre had the following to say about it:

The recordings are made according to the stop-motion technique. Frame by frame, every movement of the males is real. Nothing has been added afterwards with film effects. Rabobank invests in measures against food waste and that naturally also applies to us. After the long shooting days we made soup from our males. Delicious.

After the shoot was completed, VC Studios removed all the supporting rigs with compositing.

Advertiser: Rabobank.be
Creative Agency: Bowling Brands
Production: Beast animation
Post Production: VC Studios
Sound Company: Geluidshuis