Written & Directed by Daphne van den Blink
Produced by Emmy Oost for Cassette for timescapes

Supported by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), JEF, Ketnet, Cultuur Gent en Stad Gent
World Premiere at JEF Festival (BE)

Kwinten loves playing outside, especially with his friend Obi. But that doesn’t happen very often anymore, since Obi moved away. Kwinten also loves his father. But as a sailor in the navy, he spends months at sea during military missions. Together with his donkey, his dog and the pig of the neighbours, Kwinten counts down the days till his father gets back home and Obi visits for a sleepover.

PAPAMAGNEET is a creative short documentary for children about missing and how to deal with it.

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