5 juicy video’s by ZUMO

We’d like to give you a taste of the fresh video productions we squeezed during springtime at ZUMO! It’s a cocktail of beats, bytes & bricks that will loosen your tongue!

VJ-set Basement Jaxx

Back in the early 00’s we roamed the nightlife scene as Zumos del Scumos, a collective that brings swinging visuals. We gladly went back to our roots and created fresh visuals for Basement Jaxx. Our VJ’s on stage were Maarten Van Vooren and his young talented padawan Jonathan Cuvelier. Woop Woop!

Delaware – Cloud Security

Delaware is a fast-growing, global company that delivers advanced solutions and services to organizations striving for a sustainable, competitive advantage. One of those services is cloud computing, in which security plays a big role. The following video had to address this topic in a clear yet attractive fashion.

Boekentoren 2.0 – Episode 13

In 1933 Ghent University commissioned Henry van de Velde to design a library and a building for the Higher Institute of Art History and Archaeology. He opted for an extremely unorthodox tower and applied to it his formula involving light, perfect proportions and superior materials.

The Boekentoren (Tower of Books / Book-Tower) is currently in the midst of restoration. This web series, hosted by Titus De Vooght, documents the past and future of this inspiring place.

JOE – Celebrate the 90’s

Ask any Flemish person what radioshow gave him sleep-deprivation as a teenager during the 90’s. The answer of course: Het Land van Hoogland! All good things come back, and so did the show during “Celebrate the 90’s”, a special brought by the Flemish radio station JOE.


Upper at home

From sexy lingerie to real toys: during an Upper at home evening you can ask everything you always wanted to know. Upper at home offers people the chance to get acquainted with a stimulating assortment in a cozy atmosphere among girlfriends.

Director Mathieu Stevens brought this message in a kinky yet respectful way to local movie theaters .

You can view more work on our ZUMO website. And if you’re in the neighbourhood, feel free to drop by!