River / I am you,La Maison Imaginaire


https://vcstudios.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/RIVER-Trailer-BIFFF-2022.mp4 Written & directed by Laurenzo Vergeynst Produced by La Maison Imaginaire River is the long awaited debut of Laurenzo Vergeynst. A young man in his twenties wakes up in the mental aid department of the local hospital, not knowing who he is and how he got there. As his memory starts returning, he remembers …

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nowhere peter monsaert movie film


https://vimeo.com/823012861/076623cf87?share=copy Directed by Peter MonsaertProduced by LunanimeIn coproduction with Need Productions Nowhere tells the touching story of an unusual but deep friendship developing between two wandering souls. Our digital lab maestros and vfx virtuosi did what they do best and honed their craft whilst working on this gem. #vfx #visualeffects #digitallab

viernulvier vooruit gent postproduction digital lab


https://vcstudios.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Kunstencentrum-Voouit-wordt-VIERNULVIER.mp4 Directed by Wannes Destoop DOP Patrícia Lopes The die is cast and a decision was made: Kunstencentrum Vooruit is now known as VIERNULVIER. As a Ghent-based company, we love to give back to the city. So we were excited to be part of this rebranding journey.  #colorgrading #digitallab #lab #postproduction

Four chambers to the Heart

Previous Next Directed and written by Johan Grimonprez and Kostas Ioannidis Produced by Lunanime Palermo 1624. While in quarantine due to the plague, 94 year old master painter Sofonisba Anguissola, a renowned artist later consigned to obscurity, writes her final letters to her pupil and Flemish master-in-the-making Anton Van Dyck. #lab #digitallab #colorgrading

hannah 360 vr pietsonck

Hannah 360 VR

Written & Directed by Piet Sonck Produced by Gypsy Productions Launched at Cannes Film Festival (2018) HannaH is the first true fiction 360 video/VR short in Belgium, telling the story of Hannah and her five friends who want to save their club house. The “Heren van Herzele” are willing to help them. But only if …

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goose town across town

Goose Invades Town Accros Town

Directed by Wouter Bovijn and Maximiliaan Dierickx Produced by Amorarte Goose Invades: Town Across Town is a one-hour documentary film about the band Goose and their friends. The film was ordered by Red Bull Elektropedia in the run-up to the I Love Techno event where Goose was hosting a room. #editorial 



https://vimeo.com/180010067%20%20 Written by Bob Thissen, Maximiliaan Dierickx and Toon Loenders Directed by Maximiliaan Dierickx Production by OFFWORLD; in co-production with VRT-Canvas, NTR and Submarine Urban exploring is not a short-lived whim, it is a way of living. As is shown by Bob Thissen and Jeroen Swyngedouw, urban explorers, filmmakers and friends. Together, they travel around …

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novastar inside outside

Novastar Inside outside

https://vimeo.com/197090941%20%20 Directed by Wouter Bovijn Produced by Make Lemonade If you always wanted to know how Novastar’s album Inside Outside came into existence, you need to give this documentary a watch. Because it shows the whole creative journey of the album, from its conception to its production. #editorial #vfx #colorgrading