Living rough, not so hakuna matata

Living rough, not so hakuna matata

And suddenly you are a street child that needs to survive in the busy streets of Kinshasa. Would you survive? With the support of VAF, Marc-Henri Wajnberg and Wim Forceville force us to tackle this challenging question in their new 360° video, Kinshasa Now.


In the picture: Rytis Sabaliauskas, illustrator

Rytis Sabaliauskas is a completely bonkers illustrator from Lithuania who joined our studio the past couple of months to follow an Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. He is about to pack his bags, filled with chocolate of course, to head back home. So, it felt like the right time to have an interview.

Rabobank's vegetable cast

Rabobank’s vegetable cast

Because sustainable food is the core of Rabobank.be’s mission, Bowling Brands has made the vegetables from here the heroes of the campaign. “Vegetables are tasty and healthy, but they do not generate much emotion. By making funny characters out of it, they communicate with the audience in a natural way and can reinforce the good message.”