Annecy 2019 Partners’ trailer [VFX-breakdown]

Beast Animation had the great honor of producing the official partner’s trailer of the Annecy Festival 2019, and they will also be screening a premiere of the wacky world of the Fluffy Four.

You will meet Michael, Agnes, Monique & Kevin, not your ordinary farm animals, on a mission to complete the “Voyagers Golden Records”. Absurdity and friendship are the keywords to their journey. Besides that, the series is about real and invented science, teamwork and breaking down stereotypes. All characters have their own qualities, interests and problems to solve, and you will see them join forces to overcome obstacles and succeed their mission.
In the Annecy trailer, Kevin is experimenting with a sample from a newly discovered planet. But before they realise what’s happening, their entire spaceship is overgrown with pink bunnies that keep on multiplying. Luckily Monique’s unique talent saves the spaceship… And the universe!

VC Studios took care of the image post-production. A big thanks to Lunanime and Beast Animation for relying on us!

Have a look at a VFX-breakdown, made by one of our compositors Kaj De Muynck.